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Online Squash & FitnessTraining 

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Online Squash & Fitness Training

Can’t get to the court?  Our online academy means you can access professional squash and fitness training from anywhere in the world.  Join a program or sign up for personal training to meet your goals – and then set yourself some new ones.


Really want to raise your game?  Three sessions a week will give you techniques to practice on the court.  The focus is accuracy and control – so this is a great add-on to one of our fitness programs, but suitable for anyone who loves squash.  It’s led by our pro squash coach Mahesh Mangaonkar and is a one-off purchase which gives you unlimited access to the course.  

Price: €50 (one-time purchase + lifetime access).

Time: 30-60 minutes (each session). 



Work harder and see what your body can do. Foundation Fitness is an online program led by squash champion Mahesh Mangaonkar.  From interval training to running and strength circuits, this is a challenging program that will raise your stamina and increase your strength.  It’s delivered in 90-minute training sessions five days a week, updated weekly – access it via the app. 

Price: €85/ per month

Time: 90 minutes (each session). 


Shorter workouts of 30-60 minutes include rowing, biking, running, and ski-erg.  This program will improve your core strength and aerobic capacity – great in conjunction with squash training or club!  Twice weekly sessions are accessed via the app.

Price: €25/ per month

Time: 30-60 minutes 

Conditioning Training



Get the kids off the couch with our online fitness training. It’s so fun, they won’t realise they’re working every part of their body.  Enrolling your kids in our online fitness program sets them up with healthy habits and maybe even a lifelong passion.  Enjoy 2 ZOOM classes + 5 offline workouts (at-home, by yourself)/ per week. All classes are updated on the FIT app every Sunday evening. Zoom link is provided on the day you schedule your fitness class with the coach. This program is led by Mahesh Mangaonkar – an inspiring role model and professional squash coach. 

Price: €135/ per month

Time: 60 minutes. 

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