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Helsinki Squash Training

Squash Training in Helsinki

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Bringing Out The Best Of Your Performance

Your private squash coach, Mahesh Mangaonkar will improve your technique and help you to smash your personal goals. 


“My lessons offer unique and innovative squash training that keeps all players on their toes and gives them an advantage in competition.”

(With Coach)

Looking to fast-track your progress? Learn technique, become accurate, and move efficiently on the squash court. Your first introductory lesson will be €60, after that €75/ per session. We also offer online personal training via the FIT app for just €135/ per month.

Time: 60-90 minutes. 

Private Squash Training

(With Coach)

There is nothing better than getting in shape or choosing a new hobby to play with
a partner. You will develop a deeper connection with your partner by working out, and also become a squash master. 

Price: €80 (€40/ per player).

Time: 60-90 minutes. 

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