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Mahesh Mangaonkar


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  • Year of birth - 1994

  • Birthplace - Mumbai, India

  • Height - 183cm (6ft)

  • Residence - Helsinki, Finland

  • Joined PSA World Tour - 2011

  • Highest World Rank - 44

  • Men's National Coach - Finland

“Born in Mumbai in 1994, I was always busy with extra-curricular activities like badminton, swimming, cricket and squash. It got to a point where I had to choose one sport and just focus on being the best at it.

After investing a good amount of time in training, I won the Junior National Championship (U-11), and the prestigious British Junior Open (U-15).  After a successful junior career on the Squash World Tour, I decided to turn my lifelong passion into a career, and I turned professional at the age of 17.

For me, it’s never been about catching someone.  I can’t control how much someone else is training, what they’re eating, or how much they’re sleeping.  I am chasing myself.  I can see my potential and I am just trying to catch up to that. My biggest competition is that person I see in the mirror and he is the one who is responsible for the results in my life.

My ultimate mission is to win the World Open and British Open and become the highest-ranked Indian player who ever existed.  Watch this space...”

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Having the experience of being a professional squash athlete, I’ve realized at the highest levels, everyone is the best. But how can you become better than the best? Whether you’re a professional athlete, junior competitor, or hobby player, it’s a question you spend a lot of time considering. Everyone has some aspects of the game that they are able to execute better or struggle with a bit. But the differences in terms of effort is non-negotiable. So how do you distinguish yourself from the competition and come out on top? 

During my professional career, I was lucky to have worked with different styles of coaching. The one that stuck with me the most was a four-stage pyramid philosophy which helped me come out on top during the toughest of the battles. 



Committing to a goal requires a unique set of character traits like grit, resilience, confidence, optimism, humility, and passion. I believe without these traits, it’s impossible to follow a successful process which is why character is the first thing I try to focus on. 



I have been taught that process is about defining what you can control that can make you a better performer and maximize your potential on a regular basis with an obsessed-driven mindset. The process is not about winning a world series or coming first in a local competition. It’s about committing to the next actionable step in the best possible format. 

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In Squash, ability refers to your ball striking skills, accuracy, timing, stamina, speed, agility, balance, and movement coordination. 

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Strategy is how you approach your competition or match. It’s when to play zone vs. man-to-man, it’s how to play when to attack when to defend, it’s when to take risks vs. when to play it safe.

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I got into the squash coaching business to serve others and take your squash game to the next level by following this 4 stage pyramid strategy. As a squash coach, I’ve demonstrated dedication, drive, and skill while coaching individuals and teams. I believe a good coach is on a continuous learning journey. That’s why, I am constantly researching, and examining the latest trends in the squash coaching industry. 

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